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                                                                              About Cypress Village

Cypress Village of Sugarmill Woods is a Deed Restricted Community within the Sugarmill Woods (SMW) community. Cypress Village was originally formed in 1975 as part of the new development community called Sugarmill Woods which was established the same year. Within the SMW community, Cypress Village is the largest of the three major Deed Restricted Communities.

The Cypress Village Property Owners Association membership consists of all parcel (undeveloped lot and developed lot) owners within the village. Membership in the Association is mandatory for all who own property in Cypress Village. The Association membership elects a Board of Directors from its resident membership to legally govern the Cypress Village Property Owners’ Association. The duties and responsibilities of the Board are set by the governing documents. The Association can add, amend, or rescind any portion of the governing documents as long as such proposed changes fall within or are mandated by the legal guidelines established in the Florida Statutes for Homeowners Associations. Any proposed change must be submitted to the membership for a vote of approval according to voting procedures established within the existing documents.

The Board of Directors consists of Directors and Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) who are elected by the Board of Directors. Within the Board, there are a number of Committees, chaired by Directors: Architectural Control Board (ACB), Deed Restriction, Common Area (Greenbelt), Public Safety and Communications/Technology.

The Cypress Village Board of Directors is responsible for enforcement of deed restrictions, including architectural control. They are also responsible to preserve, protect, and maintain the Greenbelt common areas, provide and supervise nighttime security, and maintain liaison with Citrus County agencies on issues affecting Cypress Village.

The Board meets monthly on the 3rd Friday of the month. The Annual Members Meeting is held in March of each year. All meetings are open to the Association membership.

The day-to-day operation of the Association is run by a Community Management Company and a Licensed Community Manager (CAM) with Board oversight.

For additional information concerning the Cypress Village Property Owners Association, please call the office at 352-382-1900.


Cypress Village POA Board of Directors

President Charlie Borton 
Vice President Steve Teska
Treasurer Ivan Jones
Secretary Kim McMahon
Ed Dugan Ed Hanlon
Wayne Hand Carol Busch
Jerry Carr  

Committees  2021 & 2022

ACB - Architectural Control

Chair - Steve Teska
Co Chair - Jerry Carr
Steve Hastings
Don Rimes
Tim Miller
Steve Romer

Michael Burlington

Deed Restrictions

Chair - Charlie Borton
Co-Chair - Mike Howland
Jack Chong
Wayne Hand
Steve Romer

Melody Gherke
Wayne Gherke
Vickie Isaccs


Common Area Chair - Carol Busch
Co Chair - Vacant
Charlie Borton
Ed Isaacs
Vickie Isaacs
Public Safety Chair - Ed Dugan
Co Chair - Ed Hanlon
Comm & Technology Chair - Kim McMahon
Co Chair - Vacant
Mike Dougherty
Janet Borton
Ion Tiu
Finance Ivan Jones - Chair

Chair - Vacant
Co Chair - Gordon Weller
Mary Tice
Joan Pena
Larry Coughenour

Sandra Threat
KC Anderson



Cypress Village Management Staff

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Management Company:
Qualified Property Management, Inc.
5901 US Highway 19 Ste 7
New Port Richey, FL 34652
(877) 869-9700